About us

The APDEF, Asociación de Perjudicados De Entidades Financieras,It is a private association that was born in Barcelona in 2012 in order to recover money from those affected by «toxic» financial products sold by banks and savings banks in recent years.

Today APDEF is established throughout the Spanish territory: has lawyers in all provincial capitals, in most Spanish cities lift as well as in Andorra and even Germany.

With more than 6,000 partners and more than 5,300 lawsuits and charge a percentage of judgments won more than 96%, the APDEF Association is currently a reference in Spain that has recovered millions of euros for the victims of bad banking products marketed as «preferentes» for example.

Against this background it’s been a natural thing to happen that APDEF has been among the first organizations in Spain to become involved in the defense of consumers affected by the sale of the house vehicles VOLKSWAGEN.

Thus, last October APDEF presents one of the first complaints against Volkswagen in the Spanish state for environmental crimes and fraud. It is also responsible for filing civil claims for annulment of contracts for the purchase of vehicles by the lack of information, and to claim damages.


Asociación de Perjudicados de entidades Financieras
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