Actions against DieselGate

Actions against DieselGate

In his constant encouragement to combat abuses against consumers and individuals, the APDEF has prepared a number of legal ways for those affected by emissions from their vehicles can exercise their rights, either through civil or criminal proceedings.

Claims in civil matters
DEMAND FOR REPLACEMENT VEHICLE (addressed to the owners of vehicles less than 3 years old). Action is covered by existing legislation on consumers and users will allow the vehicle owner must return a new one.

DEMAND FOR REVOCATION or RESOLUTION OF THE  PURCHASE. This procedure is based on the not right information at the time of sale. Creating a false expectation to the consumer who acquired the vehicle, this results on the invalidity of the contract. It will involve the return of the vehicle by the affected, to whom the amount thereof (Ganvam value of condition value plus statutory interest) shall be refunded.

DEMAND FOR DAMAGES CLAIM.No return of the vehicle involved in the procedure for compensation for damage caused by not properly informed at the time of sale is claimed.
The association study case by case, sometimes still possible to accumulate all civil actions in the same procedure.

Claim in criminal matters:
The APDEF has been one of the first associations in Spain to file a complaint against Volkswagen for crimes against the environment, fraud and false advertising. Through APDEF offers to its partners the possibility of acceding to that complaint, informing them of all the features and capabilities of the criminal proceedings.

Volkswagen Group shareholders

German law provides for the protection of shareholders of the German automotive group when the entity has hidden important information to shareholders causing significant losses. If you are a shareholder of VOLKSWAGEN not hesitate to contact APDEF and we will inform you of the steps.

If you are affected and you want more information do not hesitate to contact us. Without any kind of commitment you will be informed about action or proceeding that is more viable for you.
The Association has attorneys throughout the Spanish territory.